Well, hello…and welcome! I'm Kristin, a lifestyle family photographer and the smile behind the camera. As you can see from the family portrait that’s behind me, I’m also (and most importantly) a wife and mom. 

Yes, it's true, some time has passed and my "look" has definitely changed since this canvas was hung. Not only that, my kids have grown into adulthood since then. Such changes are an undeniable part of family life. Babies grow to toddlers. Toddlers to Kindergartners. You get the point. Growth and development, change and maturing…they just happen.

And they are the reasons that family portraits (and photography in general) are so vital and so valued. Everybody loves images of family & friends—not only upon first glance but also years later when reminiscing.

I see this most clearly when I visit my own mom. She has a stack of albums on her living room table filled with memories of she and my dad, myself and my brothers, our spouses, and all the cousins. My dad passed away almost a decade ago and the cousins are now mostly grown and even beginning to marry but they still love to flip through the pages of these “family yearbooks” and remember the fun times they’ve shared and the silly stuff they’ve done over the years. 

I hope every family makes it a priority to capture these fleeting moments and to document their family life so it can be enjoyed and easily shared for years to come. And if I can help your family with this, I would be honored.

I’d love chat to learn more about you! Your child, your family, your parent(s), your high school senior. That way, together, we can create the perfect session(s) that capture the real you and the connection and love you share with your family. (No wonder my favorite hashtag is #showyourpersonality!)

So, what are the next steps?

Choosing a photographer that fits your style and goals makes for a fun, engaging, and relaxed experience. And isn’t that what we all want? No one wants to dread a stiff, awkward portrait session. I get it. I’ve been there with my own family.

Below are some options to help you determine if we just might be a fit:

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I look forward to meeting you when you’re ready!